Flight Test Data Acquisition

Ventura Aerospace has been building and fielding data acquisition systems for many years. From very high speed to very high channel count we have the experience to get you the right system. Our systems have been used in a wide variety of applications including high-speed aerodynamic boundary layer measurements as well as acoustical, vibration, strain and aircraft parameter measurements.

News About Ventura Aerospace Fire Suppression Systems

Currently lithium batteries are not classified as hazardous materials. As such, batteries and the multitude of devices that they are installed in can be shipped worldwide with little or no control. Lithium batteries have been identified as being involved in at least 44 air transport incidents fires within the past few years onboard aircraft1. Ventura Aerospace Fire Suppression Systems have been shown to be effective in suppressing these types of fire.

Laptop Battery Fire

Full shipment of laptops with a thermal runaway battery fire, effectively suppressed with our fire suppression system

What’s been your experience with Lithium batteries?

Embedded Control Systems

Ventura Aerospace embedded control systems are highly adaptable and ruggedized for the aerospace industry. They can be used for embedded control, structural health monitoring, payload monitoring and many other functions.

Rigid Cargo Barriers

The only barrier for success is a Ventura Aerospace Rigid Cargo Barrier. With over 400 units installed, our Rigid Cargo Barrier will out-perform a cargo net in every way.

Our barriers permit unique configurations that allow you to extract the maximum value from your aircraft.

Another Ventura Aerospace Rigid Cargo Barrier Takes Flight

Aeronautical Engineers Inc (AEI) made the first flight of the conformity aircraft in its MD-80 passenger-to-freighter conversion program in late September. A Ventura Aerospace 9G Rigid Cargo Barrier is utilized to provide flight crew safety during emergency landing. The barrier is capable of restraining up to 48,000 pounds on the main deck and is less than three inches thick. This narrow footprint allows for much more flexible supernumerary or courier configurations in front of the barrier. For more information on how our barriers provide increased function and value to freighters please see here. 

To find out more about the AEI MD-80 freighter please visit the AEI website.

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