Ventura Aerospace and our Aircraft Technical Technical Service Division has a long history of successful projects. These project have ranged from simple antenna installations to complete transformation of transport category aircraft into aerial research and development test beds.

Here are just a few examples.

Aerial Test Bed

  • Customer: Hughes Aircraft
  • Aircraft: DC-10-10
  • Scope: Large sensor mounted to the side of the fuselage, Liquid Cooling Systems, Generator and Power Distribution System Upgrade, Operators Consoles and Equipment Racks, VIP interior in aft fuselage
  • Certification: Experimental

Aerial Test Bed

  • Customer: Raytheon, Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
  • Aircraft: DC-10-10
  • Scope: Unpressurized compartment with large Aerowindow, Liquid Cooling System, Operator Consoles and Equipment Racks
  • Certification: Experimental

Aerial Fire Fighter

  • Customer: 10-Tanker
  • Aircraft: DC-10-10/DC-10-30
  • Scope: Installation of 12,000 Retardant Drop Tanks
  • Certification: FAA STC (Project Management)

727-200 Aerial Test Bed

  • Customer: Raytheon
  • Aircraft: 727-200
  • Extent of Modifications: Installation of F-15 Radar on the nose of the aircraft
  • Certification: Experimental

CMANPADS Installation

  • Customer: FedEx
  • Aircraft:  MD-11F, 747-400
  • Scope: Installation of CMANPADS pod on aft fuselage
  • Certification: FAA STC (Project Support)

R&D Flight Test

  • Customer: ATK
  • Aircraft: B350
  • Scope: Installation of missile seeker on nose of aircraft, operator consoles and racks, Aircraft Flight Operations and Support.
  • Certification: FAA STC (Project Management)

Main Deck Cargo Compartment Fire Suppression

  • Customer: FedEx
  • Aircraft: MD-11F, 777F
  • Scope: Design and Development of a main deck fire suppression system using Ansul Cargo Foam
  • Certification: FAA STC (Project Management)

Passenger to Freighter Conversion

  • Customer: Aeronautical Engineers Inc.
  • Aircraft: 737-300/400, MD-80, CRJ-200, 737-800
  • Scope: Engineering design and analytical services in support of passenger to freighter. FAA Certification mangement
  • Certification: FAA STC, EASA, CAAC, TC validation

Rigid Cargo Barrier

  • Customer: Ventura Aerospace, ST Aerospace, Boeing
  • Aircraft: 727-100/200, 737-200/300/400, 757-200, 737-800, MD-80, CRJ-200, A320, A321
  • Scope: Deign and manufacture Rigid Cargo Barriers
  • Certification: FAA STC, EASA, CAAC, ANAC, TC validation

Maritime Patrol

  • Customer: US NAVY
  • Aircraft: C-26
  • Scope: Engineering design and manufacture for integration of belly mounted radar for maritime patrol
  • Certification: Experimental

APU Installation

  • Customer: WAPCO, US Airforce
  • Aircraft: KC-135
  • Scope: Engineering design and analysis for the installation of an APU allowing for bleed air engine start on the KC-135
  • Certification: Military oversight