The following is the current Ventura Aerospace STC list for Rigid Cargo Barriers. Each STC is listed by STC number and the current revision of the Master Data List and related Instructions for Continued Airworthiness if published. For any technical questions please contact engineering.

ST00848LA 727-100/200 2919 R 1854 E 2489 A
ST01806LA 737-200/300/400 3168 J 2210 H (JAN 2017) 2210 H (JAN 2017)
ST02115LA 757-200 2686 R VA 757 AMM C VA 757 AMM C
ST02434LA MD-80 VA-RCB-1005 D VA-RCB-1100 B VA-RCB-1100 B
ST02607LA CL-600-2B19 (CRJ-200) VA-MDL-1000 A VA-RCB-1032 NC VA-RCB-1032 NC
ST02667LA 737-800 BCF VA-MDL-1006 C VA-AMM-1000 A VA-SRM-1000 Nov 2017
ST02691LA 737-800 AEI VA-MDL-11002 B VA-AMM-1001 A VA-SRM-1001 Aug 2018

The data listed on this page is for reference only. Ventura Aerospace updates this list as revisions are made to the STC data packages. Copies of current MDL, AMM and SRM for each STC are available upon request by valid licensees of the respective STCs, please contact engineering.