News Articles Regarding NTSB Safety Recommendations

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777F Fire Suppression System InstallationVentura Aerospace Fire Suppression Systems have a head start on the industry having already been installed on 65 aircraft. In conjunction with FedEx, Ventura Aerospace has been working on this solution for over a decade. The system architecture represents the culmination of practicality, safety, performance and cost. In some of these articles the FAA is quoted as stating that active fire suppression for freighter aircraft could exceed $2,000,000 in cost. The FAA also stated that systems were not cost-effective, yet FedEx has taken the bold step to install the systems without an FAA requirement at a cost significantly less than the FAA estimates. The Fire Suppression System that FedEx has installed was awarded the Bendix Trophy in 2009. Here are just a few of the articles that have been written regarding the need to improve air cargo safety.

Wall Street Journal: NTSB Urges Tighter Rules to Prevent Cargo-Plane Fires

USA Today: NTSB urges fire-suppression upgrades for air cargo

CNN: Fire protection aboard freight aircraft unsafe, NTSB says

Bloomberg: More Fire Protection for Cargo Planes Urged by U.S. NTSB

Buisnessweek: Fire suppression systems urged in all cargo planes



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