Ventura Aerospace aquires Aircraft Technical Service

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Ventura Aerospace is pleased to announce that Aircraft Technical Service (ATS) has now become a division of Ventura Aerospace. As many of our customers know, Ventura Aerospace and Aircraft Technical Service have common ownership. The merging of these two companies brings distinct advantages to the companies as well as our customers. Ventura Aerospace will be taking steps to integrate the engineering services offered by Aircraft Technical Service Division into our AS9100 Management System. This will improve upon the high quality services that are already being offered.
All contact information will remain the same. Some restructuring of management has taken place. Jeremy Snow will remain President of Ventura Aerospace. Michael Snow will become Vice President of the Aircraft Technical Service Division. Ventura Aerospace looks forward to working with all our customers in 2013 and beyond. We look to the future knowing that our legacy is rooted in a strong foundation that is over 50 years in the making.

AS9100:2004 Certification

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