Ventura Aerospace improves quality

In our efforts to continually improve quality and refine our process, Ventura Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has just implemented a new engineering and inspection CMM. Ventura Aerospace selected a FARO Edge 2.7M with Laser Scan. This new tool will enable our team to achieve our goal of being the best in the industry. Learn more about FARO CMM here. To inquire on how our CMM and engineering services can help you please contact us.



Oxygen Systems

Ventura Aerospace develops integrated oxygen systems to either supplement or replace existing crew oxygen systems. Our systems have been used to increase ETOPS range, supply courier and supernumerary oxygen.

We have designed single cylinder and multiple cylinder systems that integrate voltage averaging for EICAS input.

Fire Suppression Systems

Batteries are so prevalent in modern devices that they are quickly becoming the dominant cause of fires aboard aircraft.

Ventura Aerospace’s Aircraft Fire Suppression Systems can suppress and even extinguish these types of fires. No other technology has been demonstrated to do what our system can.

Relaunch of

VA-LOGO-NEW-BWVentura Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has relaunched

Ventura Aerospace, founded in 1997, has been providing the air freight industry with safety solutions since day one. With a wide range of rigid cargo barriers for narrow body freighter, we continue to meet industry needs for light-weight rugged solutions for rigid barriers.

Our aircraft fire suppression systems are the only approved systems for use in Class E, main deck cargo compartments.

Our flight test department and structural health monitoring systems continue to provide engineers and certification teams with the data they need to get projects off the ground and airborne.

Continue to watch Ventura Aerospace as we bring more products to the market to ensure aviation safety while increasing value. We have a number of new products coming to market including Aircraft Radiation Monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring Modules and an exciting new Class B Hazmat closet with integrated fire suppression.


Nearly every product we have is designed around a single and important philosophy- protecting high yield assets. From the airframe to the shipment, you place a lot of risk into a single logistics element. Our products are designed to ensure the safe return of that element. Fire Suppression, Radiation Monitoring, Oxygen System and Rigid Cargo Barriers are all designed to keep your investments safe while delivering your customers’ investments to their customers.

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